Conference Program

Monday, October 27, 2014 - Main Conference Day 1

Presentation Session 1

Moving Beyond "College-Going" Aspirations to Create a Culture of Degree Attainment
Kristy McMorris, Bard Early College Center at the Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academies
Martha Olson, Bard College & Bard High School Early College

Paving a New Path for Rural Education: How the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative Increased Dual Enrollment Participation by 300%
Pamela Allen, Ohio Dominican University
Dr. Pamela Noeth, Battelle for Kids
[Additional Resources: MALS English Track Flyer, Dual Enrollment Credentialing Higher Education Partner Catalog, Dual Enrollment Teacher Credentialing Guidance]

Young Historians Conference: An Authentic College Experience for High School Scholars
Laura Pridmore-Brown, Riverdale High School/Portland State University
John Ott, Portland State University
Additional Resources

Dual Credit Teachers are Adjunct Faculty Too!
Freda Richmond, City Colleges of Chicago

Managing Multi-Campus Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships
Tricia Wessel-Blaski, University of Wisconsin Colleges
Becky Carter, Indiana University
Greg Lampe, University of Wisconsin Colleges
Michael Beam, Indiana University

From Policy to Practice: Evaluating Colorado's Concurrent Enrollment Legislation
Brenda Bautsch, Colorado Department of Higher Education
Michelle Camacho Liu, Colorado Department of Education

Rigor's Ripple Effect: Concurrent Enrollment's Impact on High School Instruction
Nicole Diederich, The University of Findlay
Christine Denecker, The University of Findlay

Dual Credit Funding in Illinois Community Colleges
Debra Bragg, University of Illinois
Eboni Miel Zamani-Gallaher, University of Illinois

Raising the Bar Beyond Minimal Compliance: Maximimizing Efforts and Effectiveness of Faculty
Karla Brown, Hawkeye Community College
Carol Luvert, Hawkeye Community College

How to establish and maintain effective collaboration to achieve successful CTE /CE programming
Tammy Ward, Arapahoe Community College
Adam Shelffo, Arapahoe Community College
Sheri Bryant, Mountain Vista High School

Presentation Session 2

Using ‘Gateway’ Courses to Prepare Mid-range Students for College Readiness
Jeanette Kim, City University of New York
Ljubica Depovic, City University of New York
Althea Webber, City University of New York

Strengthening Concurrent Enrollment through Common Core State Standards
Kent Scheffel, Lewis and Clark Community College
Terri Hilgendorf, Lewis and Clark Community College
Yvette McLemore, Lewis and Clark Community College

Building Schoolwide Systems to Break Down Barriers for Low Performing Students
Jason Maher, Sierra High School
Cullen McDowell, Sierra High School

Developing Efficiencies for Program Lead Staff Members
Joanna Vanderpool, Northwest Nazarene University
Dennis Waller, Northwest Nazarene University

Don't Mess With Texas' Concurrent Enrollment Students: An In-Depth Look at What Factors Influence Their Success
Mary Beth Haan, El Paso Community College
Carol Ann Kay, El Paso Community College
Sue Selk, El Paso Community College

Virtual Machines and Electronic Portfolios As Effective Tools for Curriculum Alignment
Brent Todd, Lake Land College
Kristina Reider, Lake Land College
Lee Spaniol, Lake Land College

Faculty Standards F2 & F3: How to Truly Support your Concurrent Enrollment Instructors
Deanna Jessup, Indiana University Bloomington
Becky Carter, Indiana University Bloomington
Dr. Melissa Murray, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

Utilizing Available Resources to Create Unique Partnerships for CTE Programs
Linda Wise Miller, Northwest Career & Technical Academy
Joni Swanson, Mount Vernon School District

Smart Scholars Early College High Schools: What Works
Johanna Duncan-Poitier, State University of New York
Jill Lansing, State University of New York
Andrea Mulkey, EdWorks
Stanley Hansen, New York State Education Department
Evelyn Maclutsky, New York State Education Department

Panel/Roundtable Session 1


Design and Implementation of District-Wide Concurrent Enrollment Programs Presentation by Denver Public Schools
| Presentation by Duval County Public Schools
Moderator: Linda Allen, Hawkeye Community College
Josh Kaufmann, Chicago Public Schools
Loan Maas, Denver Public Schools
Charles Dukes, Denver Public Schools
Wendy Dunlap, Duval District High School
Vera Bussey, Duval District High School
Additional Resources: Duval County Public Schools Dual Enrollment Handbook, Comparison of Traditional Dual Enrollment, Early College and Early Admission


High School Students Crossing the Associate Degree Finish Line!
Melissa Murray, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
Mark Eichenlaub, Southwest Illinois College
Dr. Valerie Thaxton, Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC)
Cindy Gagich, Granite City School District #9
Sandy Jouglard, Mascoutah High School
Joe Slifko, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College

Secondary School Partners and the NACEP Strategic Plan 2014-16
Joni Swanson, Mount Vernon School District

Introduction to NACEP's Standards for Program Quality
Jaclyn Dumond, University of Southern Indiana
Victoria Zeppelin, Tompkins Cortland Community College

Presentation Session 3

Two Birds, One Potato: Creating Opportunities through Early College Partnerships
Chelsie Rauh, Idaho State University
Cheryl Zimmer, Idaho State University

Primed for College Success: Collaborative Models for College Readiness
Nancy Jordan, Raritan Valley Community College
Catherine Ford, Inver Grove Community Schools

Pathways to Prosperity: Dual Credit in Grades 9-14 Career Pathways
Charlotte Cahill, Jobs for the Future

Going Paperless: Delivering a College Experience with Online Registration
Wendi Richardson, University of Connecticut
Brittney Jones, Western Kentucky University
Jessica Parker, University of Connecticut

NACEP Surveys 101
Diana Johnson, Northwest Arkansas Community College
Jerry Edmonds, Syracuse University
Becky Carter, Indiana University

Four Pillars for Establishing High Quality Courses and Being Able to Prove It
Brandon Kowallis, Salt Lake Community College

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - Main Conference Day 2" active="false"]Presentation Session 4

Academic Integrity First: Projecting the Mission of Concurrent Enrollment as a National Agenda
Brian Boecherer, University of Connecticut
Gerald Edmonds, Syracuse University
Becky Carter, Indiana University
Michael Beam, Indiana University

Effective Classroom Use of Online Open Source Materials
Carol Wyatt, Jesuit High School and Portland State University
Carolyn Riggs, Salt Lake Community College
Rhonda Low, Salt Lake Community College
Rachel Webb, Portland State University

Wisdom Cannot be Taught: It Must be Experienced | Narrative
Wendy Anderson, Utah Valley University
Christan Zamelis, Utah Valley University
Rebecca Rothey, Utah Valley University

Illinois' Story of Growing and Supporting Dual Credit Across the State
Brian Durham, Illinois Community College Board
Amanda Corso, Illinois Community College Board

Federal Policy Update
Adam Lowe, NACEP

Continue the Conversation with Terry O'Banion
Terry O'Banion, League for Innovation and National American University

From 40 Knots to Mach 3
Dr Leo Murphy, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Colleen Conklin, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Presentation Session 5

First Get them In: Dual Credit and the Completion Agenda
Marsha McCormick, Joliet Junior College
Joe Offermann, Joliet Junior College

One High School's Journey of Creating a College Going Culture
Marilyn Allen, Affton High School
Erica VanBuren, Affton High School
Mary Giunta, Affton High School

State Policy Trends in 2014: Progress and Next Steps
Jennifer Dounay Zinth, Education Commission of the States

Exhibitor Session: Grow and Improve Your Dual Enrollment Program in Spite of Limited Resources
Janet Van Pelt,
Raquel Ramirez, Lake Michigan College

Ensuring Course Equivalency Between On-Campus and Concurrent Enrollment Mathematics Courses
Diana White, University of Colorado Denver
Meaghan Cheeke, University of Colorado Denver

Leveraging the New College Readiness Assessments to Promote Concurrent Enrollment
Lynn Brabender, PARCC Inc.
Brenda Bautsch, Colorado Department of Higher Education
Kimberly Burns, Middlesex Community College
Brian Durham, Illinois Community College Board
Noreen Light, Washington Student Achievement Council
Lori A. Weir, Northern Essex Community College
[Additional Resources: PARCC Assessment System, PARCC Timeline, Who Makes PARCC Policy Decisions?, Smarter Balanced Implementation in Washington]

Addressing Local Workforce Needs in Engineering Technology and Logistics through Concurrent Enrollment
Muriel A. Hawkins, Virginia State University
Dawit Haile, Virginia State University

Roundtable Session 2

Strategies for Effective Student Advising
Moderator: Dennis Waller, Northwest Nazarene University
Crissy Johns, DeSoto High School
Loralee Stevens, Johnson County Community College
LorryBeth Wilson, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Brittani Pugmire, Utah Valley University
Carlee Madsen, Utah Valley University

Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Program Expansion and Success
Moderator: Sandra González, Schenectady County Community College
E.J. Anderson, Rio Salado College
Rick Kemp, Rio Salado College
Jon Beard, Marion Technical College
Megan Vertucci, Marion Technical College
Jeremy Nielsen, Omaha Public Schools and Metropolitan Community College

Approaches to Concurrent Enrollment in the Career and Technical Education Sector
Moderator: Kent Scheffel, Lewis and Clark Community College
Joe Weiss, Puget Sound Skills Center
Amy Williams , Gallatin College Montana State University
Kerri Cobb, Bozeman High School
John Paxton, Montana State University Bozeman

Presentation Session 6

Addressing a Support Gap: Advancing Middle Achievers to College
Kristin Hunt, North Shore Community College
Shannon Gardner, Lynn Public Schools
Additional Resources: Lessons Learned

Planning and Measurement Tools for Concurrent Enrollment and Early Colleges
Jennifer Kim, NCREST Teachers College, Columbia University

The Road Not Taken: The Ups and Downs, Pathways, and Dead End Roads of Working Toward Accreditation
LorryBeth Wilson, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Lisa Stephenson, West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Partnering for Success in P-TECH
Sally Whitney, Onondaga Community College
Matthew Williams, Syracuse City School District, Institute of Technology
Joseph Vargo, Manufacturers Alliance of Central New York

Closing Plenary Session

Make the Most of Your Conference: Applying Your Takeaways
Tim Stetter, University of Washington

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